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Ohana Night at Kihei Youth Center Kihei Youth Center
Dec 17, 2013 05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Holiday Party The Home of Karen & Jim Calandra
Dec 21, 2013 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Rotary District 5000 Rice Rally Jan 11, 2014
Camp RYLA YMCA Camp Keanae
Jan 24, 2014 04:00 PM - Jan 26, 2014 01:15 PM
Whale Day Parade South Kihei Road
Feb 15, 2014 12:09 AM - 10:00 AM
Rotarians at Work Day Apr 26, 2014
Conference of Rotary Clubs of District 5000 Turtle Bay Resort
May 02, 2014 - May 04, 2014
Rotary International Convention in Sydney Jun 01, 2014 - Jun 04, 2014
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Heather Ballaine-15th

Kitty now at $373

  Rotary Recycling

Drop drop off your HI5 redemption aluminum cans and plastic bottles at any of the five Aloha Recycling locations (in Kihei accross from Hope Chapel) and tell them credit the amount to our club. The club will get the full 5 cents for each container and you can ge a receipt for tax purposes.

Rotary International partners with Global FoodBanking Network and Youth Services America

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New Rotarian Action Group helps countries grow food that suits their nutritional needs

Correcting the "Green Revolution" mistake of promoting Americani-European farming in developing countries, this Rotary project changes the focus to indigenous crops that can allow the population to eat more nutritiously according to their specific needs and are already adapted to local pests, diseases, and climatic conditions.

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Rotary Club of Kihei-Wailea
Luncheon Meeting at Mulligan's on the Blue 
December 4, 2013

President Stuart Karlan opened the meeting at 12:15.

Heather Ballaine led us in the pledge to the flag.


Caesar Salad, Butternut Squash Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Sauteed Island Vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice, and Lilikoi Cheesecake. 


Inspiration was a short video How Will We Make History, which told us we are close to ending Polio in the world through Polio Plus.


Diersbocks     de Bruychens
Marcos & Gunther Diersbock                         Helen & Harley de Bruychen, Powell River, BC


Kathy and Curtis Parrish, Yakima, WA

Judd     Bellways
Dennis Judd                                                             Ed & Ethel Belway


Exchange 1  Marcos, SK & Gunther
Curtis Parrish & Stuart                              Marcos, Stuart, & Gunther


Ray & SK
Our guest speaker Ray Tsuchiyama & Stuart



Joe Mitchell, Jim Calandra & Barry Hyman


JM, SK     JC, SK
Stuart attempting to put pin                  Jim receives pin.
in Joe's kevlar shirt.                                         


Stuart and Barry honoring Joe Mitchell with his Paul Harris+1 pin and and Jim Calandra with the his Paul Harris+2 pins!


  • Stuart delivered dictionaries to Alison Place of the Maui Department of Education in Lahaina to deliver them to 3rd grade students on Lanai. On the 19th, Stuart will take dictionaries from our club to students on Molokai.
  • Whiskey Tasting fundraiser at Mulligans December 6th, 6 PM.
  • Art with a Heart, December 8th at Seabury Hall, fundraiser by Interact club.
  • Holiday Party for our club, December 21st at Jim & Karen Calandra's home.


Board of Directors Secretary 

Speaker Seekers for 2014

Please donate to the Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation. $25-$35 per member check or charge will allow us to continue giving the $5,000 scholarships to outstanding students headed to college.


Heather       Tom B-R
        Heather Bellaine                         Tom Blackburn-Rodreguez

Susan B       Bob D
Susan Bradford                           Bob Dunning     


Gloria       Paige
        Gloria Lukens                      Paige Fontaine

Don G       Joe M
Don Gross                             Joe Mitchell  

Helen & Harley de Bruychen

   Guest        Image
     Kathy Parrish                                 Curtis Parrish

  • Heather Belaine: happy to be paddling and seeing whales
  • Tom Blackburn-Rodreguez: he and Cynthia are almost brother/sister (inside joke)
  • Susan Bradford: rewarded by tutoring 8th graders, and can connect others if they want to help tutor.
  • Bob Dunning: will be 5 weeks on mainland visiting kids
  • Ethel Bellway: happy to be able to attend for two weeks in a row
  • Gloria Lukens: happy to see so many guests visiting
  • Paige Fontaine: happy daughter is moving back, and son is talking at Lahaina club.
  • Don Gross: happy for all who came to his party.  Was fundraiser that took in $1200 that night.
  • Joe Mitchell: happy for Rotary Foundation multiplier for our grants, and happy for those who give to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Many guests from the north said they were just happy to be here.     



Ray 1        Image

Mark Harbison introduced our speaker, Ray Tsuchiyama, who graciously stood in for our advertised speaker, Jennifer Young, the director of the Maui Food Innovation Center. Ray is the Director of Institutional Advancement for the University of Hawaii Foundation and has worked at MIT (alma mater of the Baldwins), Asian office in Tokyo, AOL and Google.

Ray began with an overview of the leading roll Hawaii and Maui have played in education since Lahaina Luna school began as the first school west of the Mississippi in 1831 and he University of Hawaii's founding in 1907. He spoke of his father's use of Maui's lost mass transit (the sugar train) commuting to the old Maui High School. Then the former vocational school, Maui Tech, formed in 1945, became Maui Community College, one of ten campuses in Hawaii. Four years ago the college became a full four-year college and was renamed University of Hawaii, Maui College (UHMC), designed to present eduction for sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial development on Maui. UHMC has centers on all the islands of Maui County, each with it's own different needs. The college currently has about 4,000 students and makes a major economic contribution to Maui's economy.

Ray spoke of the development of the Maui resort industry in the 60's and 70's, which helped to reverse Maui's previously declining population. Tourism is now the main economy on Maui, so in order to help students prepare to enter this industry, the university is converting a dormitory building into the Hospitality Academy  Hotel Ha(Hawaiian for "breath of life"), a centrally located multi purpose hotel to open in s;print of 2015. This will be the only teaching hotel in Hawaii. There are various opportunities for naming  opportunities of rooms, wings, etc.

The new science building that our club visited last Spring is now fully utilized for physics, biology, optic, astronomy, etc. The university is working with High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics) to solve real-world problems (sustainability, agriculture, tourism) in an inter-disciplinary team-oriented approach.

The university has recently opened a Military Veterans Resource Center to help veterans re-integrate into civilian society.

The university's Maui Food Innovation Center, is another new development, dedicate to address Maui's food security which currently depends almost entirely on imports (less than 10% of milk sold in Hawaii is not imported) and to develop a food industry of famers and entrepreneurs to make 'value-added' products from local crops (e.g.. mango, avocado, lilykoi, guava, papaya, breadfruit, coconut, sugar, etc.) into jam, jerky, and other innovative new products and develop new markets for distribution world-wide.

The university may also develop a partnership on the island of Lanai with Larry Elison, who sees the value of a research university to educate for a sustainable future. 

Ray concluded with an invitation for us all to come visit all parts of the Maui campus. 




MH MM 1        MH MM 2 
Secret ninja search                                                           Eureka!                

There we have it!


Mark Harbison drew the white marble and donated the $373 back to Rotary Foundation.  


Paige's necklace       Lois P


The second number drawn was Lois Prey's, and she won a necklace Paige donated.

Congratulations to Mark and Lois!

Dave Ballaine led us in the 4 way test.

  Member Moment


Joe Mitchell


How long have you lived on Maui? 10 years
When did you join rotary? 1969. I have been a member of four other Rotary clubs
What is the most unusual job you've worked at? I was manager/host of a brownstone residence in Washing DC, where 10 members of US Congress had their "home away from home" when Congress was in session.
What one word best describes you? Integrity
What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself? I would like to be more disciplined.

What is the biggest risk you ever took? It's a tie--Rowing to the edge of Iguazu Falls in South America in a man powered, oar powered rowboat.  Also...sitting 6-12 feet from about 10 gorillas in the wild of Rwanda.
What did you want to be when you were little? A trapper. When I was in grade school, I actually ran a trap line for muskrat about 40 miles north of New York City.
What is the next immediate priority in your life? Staying Healthy.

Name 2 things on your "bucket list" (1) To live in Africa for a minimum of six months and help the local people with the many challenges they face every day (2) To live in South/Central America for a minimum of six months and do the same thing.
What is the biggest challenge you've overcome? Showing up! I think the biggest challenge we all encounter is to face life straight on every day and try to do the right thing!

          Congratulations and Thanks for being our Member of the Month, Joe!!!



Club Duties 


One of the Five Avenues of Service: Club Service




December 4, 2013

Setup/Pledge of Allegiance:  Heather Ballaine

Greeter/Inspiration:  Barry Hyman

Happy Dollars:  Cecilia Camp

Cashier:  Kim Dobson

Audio/Video:  Don Gross

Photographer:  Cynthia Clark

Minutes:  Billie Moksnes

Breakdown/Four Way Test:  Dave Ballaine

Magic Marble:  Paige Fontaine













The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the suppo rt of education, and the alleviation of poverty.


A big portionof that mandate includes polio eradication through Polio Plus.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.


How can you help?  Donate today to Polio Plus or Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund.


Checks should be made payable to


The Rotary Foundation and your donation is tax deductible.  


You may turn in your donation to Barry Hyman, our Foundation Chair person!


Donating to the Rotary Foundation is supposed to be a continuing process. Rotarians worldwide are asked to contribute at least $100 per year to The Rotary Foundation,

....even after becoming Paul Harris Fellows.  





Speaker Seekers

August–Don Gross

September–JudithCatherine Lam

October–Paige Fontaine

November–Barry Hyman

December–Mark Harbison

January–Larry Shapiro

 Club Duty Descriptions:    

Descriptions Online at:



Missed a meeting and need a make-up?  Log on to and watch at least two of the meeting videos, then write Secretary Stuart Karlan a note so your make-up will help the club's attendance record.  Other ways to earn make up credit is by:

  1. Attending another Rotary club's meeting - or
  2. Attending a RCKW board meeting, attending an RCKW committee meeting - or
  3. Attending an RCKW sponsored event.

When you make up a missed meeting, you are not only helping yourself, you are helping your club!




Invite someone to Rotary today!

What are some of the benefits of being an RCKW member? 
• Satisfaction of helping others, broaden circle of friends
• Being affilitated with International humanitarian projects
• Becoming aware of the needs of your community
• Feeling great about really making a difference.

Got someone in mind who may be interested in membership?  Invite them to a meeting.  There is a simple contact form in the storage cabinet that you to fill out and give to the membership chair or secretary "How to Propose a New Member".

Each One!  Reach One!  Because membership in Rotary is by invitation only, it is important for every one of us to invite a friend to Rotary.  More members means more energy, fresh ideas, more hands for service projects, more fellowship!

   The Four Way test of things we think, say, and do

First- Is it the truth?

Second- Is it fair to all concerned?

Third- Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Fourth- Will it be beneficial to all concerned? .... And

Fifth- Is it fun?


RCKW Mission Statement: In the spirit of the Rotary Four-Way Test, strive to improve the lives, health, and well being of citizens (with a special emphasis on children) in our community and that of underprivileged communities around the world.  Achieve meaningful results for our service projects in an atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and aloha.

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